Grand Space Opera: Light Age - Keyframe Design - Project files & Explanations


Hey, Folks!

Here are all the project files for my Grand Space Opera: Light Age - Keyframe Design Challenge submission.

I had a ton of fun working on this challenge and learned so much throughout the process. So, I wanted to share some insight into how I went on about the whole thing! You are also welcome to print and frame them for yourselves if you fancy that ^^

What you will find inside!

  • 4 Final PSDs, 2 Thumbnail/explorations PSDs with layers intact, 1 Blender Blockout file
  • Finals jpegs, thumbnails and a few in-between jpegs
  • Voice over video of me going over the files and talking briefly about my thought process and challenges I faced!
  • Pure-Ref reference file

I hope you get to take something away from this. You can drop me a line via dm if you have any questions or queries!

As always, thank you so much for your endless support!

Release Notes

Reuploaded all the files because of some discrepancies! 

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